The Trust Factor – Making Trust Your Business DNA – Latest Customer Attuned Newszine October Issue

Welcome to the latest issue of the Customer Attuned Newszine.

Inside, Peter introduces our new B2B Trust Evaluator, which is powered by the model developed by Dr Mark Hollyoake for his doctorate. Mark then unpacks this brand new model of B2B Trust and shows how it leads to improved mutual commercial value. We also talk about new workshops for working in a virtual world, and applying the Trust Factor in Leadership. 


Page 1: Welcome from Ellie Luk, with links and pass codes for the Online Panel Discussion (there’s still time to sign up!)

Page 2: Guest speaker biographies

Page 3: Introduction to the B2B Trust Evaluator by Peter Lavers

Page 7: Unpacking the B2B Trust DNATM Model by Dr Mark Hollyoake

Page 10: Developing your people to deliver Trust-based relationships by Alan Thompson

Page 11: The Trust Factor in Leadership Workshop

Page 12: In the news

Page 13: Join the conversation on our social media channels

I hope you enjoy the read. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss any of these issues further or partner with us in piloting the new B2B Trust Evaluator.

Ellie Luk