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12 Days of Xmas #9: My Directors said to me “we’re changing strategy”

On the 9th day of Christmas my Directors said to me “we’re changing strategy”

Remember the days when company boards set a strategy for three to five years and then stayed on to see it through?

Board directors have an increasingly shorter window to prove themselves and perform. At times it’s like watching football managers; three quarters’ of below par results and they are shown the door.

The average marketing director tenure is unfortunately now too short to see through the initiatives they started.

This results in a volatility of strategy that can be toxic to the customer experience.

It can also result in stalled CRM programmes, the projected benefits of which never fully materialise. Businesses can’t afford these failures anymore!

Our systemic approach has stabilised strategy, mitigated senior sponsor turnover, revitalised programmes and countered staff fatigue issues from continuous cost & headcount reduction projects that struggle to deliver a ROI.

This approach to strategic customer management development involves working with the leadership team to identify the strategic direction and customer management priorities. This frames the prioritisation of our road map recommendations and 30, 60, 101 day improvement plans – with the 101st day given to celebrating the successes and delivery of the business upsides.

We support your leadership team for the entire journey… not just one white Christmas.

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