Peter Lavers’ article on thrifting gets featured in CX Magazine

Many people believe that ‘thrifting’ only refers to second-hand shopping, charity shops, flea markets/rummage sales, and buying all things “vintage” or upcycled.

In this article in CX Magazine, Peter Lavers argues that thrifting isn’t just about frugality and prudence. It also includes the avoidance of waste, which is very much on-trend.

Taken from a customer centric perspective, when a customer has a need and a finite amount of money to meet that need, the thrifty ones will consider all readily available options – as Peter asserts:

“Thrifting is an omni-channel customer behaviour that has emerged, and one that won’t go away.”

The article was inspired by a recent SAS UK & Ireland Retail report on how retail analytics can drive sales and brand loyalty and Peter discusses how retailers should embrace the opportunity of this emerging phenomenon, rather than seeing it as yet another inexorable trend leading to even more pressure on their economic viability!

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Peter Lavers