Watson Commerce B2B Tweetchat – 13 February, 6pm UK time

Customer Attuned director Peter Lavers will be co-hosting an IBM Watson Commerce B2B tweetchat with Melissa Gonzalez (award winning retail strategist) on Tuesday 13 February at 6pm UK time / 1pm EST. The subject is how Digital Innovation is required to deliver accelerated growth in B2B commerce.

B2B is at in inflection point. Customers are changing the way they engage. In the past, B2B customers disregarded digital channels and expressed that B2B products and services were too complex to sell online and they weren’t interested in using digital channels. It’s a new B2B world now – and digital innovation is key to deliver accelerated growth.

The business questions that will be covered are:

Q1. What are the challenges organizations face in B2B eCommerce?

Q2. Why should professionals be rethinking their B2B digital technology?

Q3. What does the future of B2B commerce look like?

Q4. How should professionals prioritize investments for a B2B digital transformation?

Q5. How are quoting solutions like configure, price, quote (CPQ) becoming more important for B2B sellers in the field?

Q6. What are the most crucial components of an effective B2B digital platform?

Q7. What brands have been successful at B2B digital innovation and transformation?

Please join this B2B tweetchat on Tuesday by following the #WatsonCommerce hashtag, clicking on to the IBM Watson Commerce twitter feed, or alternatively Peter’s twitter feed.

If you’re reading this after the event then you can discover how the discussion went by checking out the #WatsonCommerce hashtag on that date.

Peter Lavers