Build a Better Customer Experience – Tips from CX Experts

Peter Lavers contributes to a new e-book from Panviva: Build a Better Customer Experience – Tips from 10 CX Industry Experts!

10 leading influencers and innovators in the customer experience (CX) field have contributed to this great new e-book from Panviva, and I’m delighted to be one of them!

Each contributing author has shared his or her tried and tested secrets for building that rare combination of happy agents and loyal customers that we all want our organisations to champion.

This collection of articles contains valuable lessons and takeaways for those looking to build a better customer experience in 2019, and reinforces Panviva’s commitment to surrounding itself with excellent CX industry leaders.

I would highly recommend that you download this free resource and share it widely – not just because I contributed to it but because it contains both strategic and practical nuggets of insight that will help us all on our journeys towards customer centricity.

You can download it via Panviva’s website by clicking here.

Please get in touch if you’d like assistance with improving the customer experience that your business delivers.

Peter Lavers